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1919: Birds property of the state


Richard and Nancy Bornitz, the Travis Bornitz family and Kim Sherman and children were in the Black Hills on Halloween weekend, visiting the Marshall family and Richard’s sister, Debbie.

Richard, Travis Bornitz and a family friend attended the SDSU-NDSU football game on Saturday in Brookings.

Curt, Lori, Hannah Wehlander and Jeanette Clendening attended the South Dakota All-State Chorus and Orchestra concert held in Rapid City recently. Rosalie Wehlander was a member of All-State Chorus.

Jeanette Clendening visited her sister Irene Vanderbush and husband Lee while in Rapid City.

Geanna De Benedetti of Tracy, Calif., came for the weekend to help celebrate her dad’s, Gene Schlueter, birthday. Several meals and get togethers were held for Schlueter, including a fellowship after church.

Charemon and Annette Dunham went to the Post 280 American Legion meeting on Thursday.

Lori Wehlander has been to Casper Wyo., and Rapid City on business trips.

Interesting to read Mary Lee’s article on ballpoint pens. I can remember my dad, L.E., coming home with a new version of an ink pen called a ballpoint that he had bought in Esmond from a traveling salesman at the Esmond Garage. This was soon after the war.

History Note

1919 — from the South Dakota Dept. of Game and Fish Bulletin. Birds declared property of the state, that all birds both resident and migratory in this state shall be and hereby declared property of the state. (See 1, Ch. 159, laws of 1907). Also in 1919, a small game hunting license cost $1; out-of-state licenses cost $15.


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