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1922: Bathing, boating and fishing enjoyed at Lake Poinsett


June 20, 2012

A violent thunderstorm ripped through the area late Monday night and early Tuesday morning leaving mass destruction in its wake. As heavy rains poured, and lightning lit up the night sky, high winds ripped limbs off trees, leaving many residents with a mess. Power went out several times throughout the night. However, the real damage struck outside of town with massive amounts of hail that pounded a 4½-mile swath between Manchester and Lake Preston.

A daughter, Emma Jade, was born May 25 to Scott and Kara Carlson. She is the granddaughter of Eldred and Shirley Carlson.

June 19, 1997

Employees at 21st Century Manufacturing are on the cutting edge of the state’s first youth apprenticeship program. Jason Paul is the first to complete the program in Lake Preston. His father, plant manager Gene Paul, is the first to implement such a program in South Dakota. Jason received a certificate for completing the requirements by doing 2,000 hours of on-the-job training in addition to 144 hours of related class work. Two other students involved in the program are Justin Vincent and Raymond Bickett. Vincent plans to attend technical school; Bickett has become a full-time employee, and Paul will return to the plant after he completes his basic training in the National Guard.

Lora Martin, daughter of Don and Mary Martin of Erwin, will present mathematic research in August at Math Fest in Atlanta, Ga. Math Fest is a national summer meeting which includes invited lecturers, workshops and sessions for presentations of original mathematical work by students. Martin will be a senior at University of Minnesota- Morris, majoring in computer science with a minor in mathematics.

June 22, 1972

Miss Nikki Seeman, LPHS graduate, now a junior at Dakota State College, recently was elected to the position of president-elect of the Student South Dakota Education Association. As president-elect, she is attending the annual meeting of the Student NEA in Atlantic City, N.J., this week.

An extremely wet spring, marked by two downpours in the 3-6-inch category in various parts of its drainage area, had Lake Preston with an unusually high-water level as we went into summer yesterday.

Winning four of five matches against the toughest competition in the western half of the nation, 12-year-old Stan Steffensen won 3rd place in the Jr Olympics Western National Competition last weekend in Casper, Wyo. Stan was accompanied by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ellery Steffensen, his brother Steve and Mr. and Mrs. Conn Aubert. Aubert has been wrestling coach here the last two years.

June 19, 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Morrow lost their farm home and all contents on Monday morning. The origin of the fire is unsolved but is believed to have been started from fumes of gas ignited by the pilot flame of Mrs. Morrow’s bottle gas refrigerator. This was first discovered right after D. L. Pattee had delivered two jugs of gasoline and placed them inside the porch near the refrigerator. As she was signing the slips, Mrs. Morrow heard a sound like something had fallen, and when she returned to the house, the porch and kitchen were already engulfed in flames. She was unable to reach the phone to call the fire department, so when they finally arrived, everything was gone.

June 22, 1922

The Congregational Sunday School enjoyed a delightful picnic at Lake Poinsett on Tuesday. Some fifteen auto loads took advantage of the opportunity to have an outing. Bathing, boating and fishing were indulged in extensively, and it is reported that the water in the lake was several feet higher than at ordinary periods. The trip was made without accident except for the blowing of three or four tires.

The W.M. Harris garage has accepted the agency for the Hudson and Essex motor cars for Lake Preston and surrounding territory.


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