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1924: The start of the ‘Sow Litter Club’


Richard and Nancy Bornitz hosted a belated Christmas gathering for their family last Saturday. Attending were the Jeff Marshall family of Piedmont, S.D., Jason Holter and family of Brandon, S.D., Kim Sherman and girls and the Travis Bornitz family.

The Clendenings attended the Mike Miller birthday party held Friday evening in Huron.

History Note

1924 – January – Sixteen boys and girls formed the “Sow Litter Club.” Officers elected were Leonard Werner, president; Ken Widman, vice president; Cecil Goss, secretary and treasurer and John Heckman as the leader. Each member was going to purchase purebred hogs, and their plans were to win at both the county fair and the state fair that fall. In 1926, farmers southwest of Esmond had organized a meat club. A beef would be butchered each week from May to October, each member to furnish a beef in his turn... one way to have fresh meat during the summer.


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