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1933 or so: Uncle Sam’s Helpers


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Recently, I have been given copies of Shady Lawn District 8 School News Columns of “Uncle Sam’s Helpers,” that were printed in the local De Smet paper and written by the then teacher Vera Widman. Many of the students of this area are mentioned of which, to my knowledge, only two are still living. They are Della Williams Wendel, Mary Poppen Wolpert and Arnold Corky Poppen. Miss Koehne was the superintendent.

Plans are to post them on the Black Boards of Shady Lawn School, along with other pictures and items of interest placed there. No dates are on the articles, but as near as I can figure out, it was in 1933 or there abouts. My husband Cork was born in 1928, and he was mentioned as visiting the school and was about five years old.

This information was handed to Cork and me by the daughter (Vivian) of Vera Poppen Grensberg.

Last names of students mentioned include Poppen, Sprang, Williams, Kadinger, Norland, Gronewold, Ebbinga, Stemple, Uphoff and Widman.

Cork and Illdena Poppen of De Smet and LaVene and Vivian Brenden, Topeka, Kan., were Friday night supper guests of Larry and Gaylen Grensberg, Willow Lake.

Saturday visitors at the Cork Poppen’s were LaVene and Vivian Brenden from Topeka, Kan.

Word has been received of the death of Connie (Oliver) Rau of Oelwein, Iowa. The funeral was Mon., Oct. 4. A celebration of her life is planned for later at the Spirit Lake Presbyterian Church. Connie was a former neighbor of the Spirit Lake Community.


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