Iroquois Looking Back

1941: Theophilus’s moving to California to be a banker


November 23, 1911

An exchange says that some statistical fiend has figured out that the average cost per mile for running an auto is ten cents and every duck the sportsman kills costs him $2.50 and every fish he catches $1.50. These figures are interesting and probably accurate, but there are others, says the Hill City New Era. For instance, your first baby costs you close to $1,000, your religion ten to fifteen cents a sermon and your home paper less than three cents a week; any office you may get politically costs you $5 for every $1 you get out of it.

The location of the fire bell behind the city building and close to the ground gave poor service, and it failed to give the desired warning to those living some distance. After the last fire the bell was suspended from the top of the old water tank tower, its tones can now be distinctly heard all over town. We would suggest, however, that when there is an occasion for the bell to be rung, it be given more than three or four taps. This is especially necessary at night when people are asleep. It was handled all right yesterday when the alarm was given.

November 26, 1931

The Beadle County highway relief work, for which the state highway commission allotted $7,500, was completed last week. Farmers in the number of 133 received employment on the three jobs in the Yale, Virgil and Bonilla district. The pay checks to each worker ranged from $25 to $110, the larger amounts going to the farmers who used their horses on the jobs. The county highway superintendent is authority for the statement that the roads were as well built as they would have been had regular highway machinery been used.

C. D. Flowers was somewhat bruised last Friday evening when his car left the road just after crossing the railroad track east of town. The muddy condition of the highway at that point caused his car to skid, and before he could get control, it went into the ditch and tipped over. The car was slightly damaged.

November 27, 1941

F. F. Theophilus has resigned his position as manager of the local Peavey Elevator to take effect about the first of this month. Mr. and Mrs. Theophilus are leaving for Los Angeles, Calif., in the near future, where the former has obtained a position in a bank. They have disposed of their furniture and sold their residence to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Laposky. Lawrence Zoller, manager of a Peavey Elevator at Colton, is transferring here to take over the managership of the local elevator. Friends of the Theophilus family join in wishing them success and happiness in their new home on the West Coast.


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