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1942: Typewriters in need of repair


Billie Sargent was the speaker at the Presbyterian Church on May 15. Thank you, Billie, for a very inspiring service.

Thank you, all, who helped me celebrate my birthday this last week.

Boy! It sure is dark when there are no lights ANYWHERE. How much we depend on that “line” for our everyday living. Thanks to those who so graciously shared some water with me, and thanks to those men who worked so hard to restore the electricity to De Smet and surrounding communities. My sympathy goes out to those people who have not yet been able to say they once again have 'power.' Also, sympathy to those who have had major damage. I have no idea how you must feel at your loss, but I thank God that none of you or your loved ones were killed.

What a beautiful moonlit night last night and the night least part of the night anyway.

Linda Perry's family were all present Saturday night, May 14, for the graduation of granddaughter Emily Richie at Webster, including grandson Logan Richie, who is stationed in Virginia.

Rose Grothe and Janice White, Brookings, were dinner guests of the Gareth Hamens of Castlewood on Thursday, arriving home just shortly before the storm hit.

Heard the other day: A baby cried in church, and the minister said, “That's ok ma'am; it doesn't bother me.” The lady replied, “Yes, but you're bothering him.”

1942 history
(thanks to Pauline Claassen)

February 5, 1942

The news tells us that there is great food value in good old navy beans and follows with several ways to prepare them.

The clock at the Bancroft School will change with the nation next Monday, and (the school) will use the same schedule as the new time.

February 12

Twenty-six men are leaving to answer the February call to army service. From the 26 reporting on February 22 were Leo Waeckerle and Alvin Martens of Bancroft.

Registration of all enemy aliens is now on at the post office in De Smet.

The registration of men 20-24 inclusive will be held Mon., Feb. 16 at Perry's Store. George Perry will be in charge, and (the registration) will include all men of Le Seuer Township.

February 19

The board of education examined the typewriters at the school during a special meeting last week. Finding all of them from 9-12 years old and badly in need of repair, it was decided to trade all of them in for new machines.


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