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A ‘Christmas Star’ story


The Bancroft Presbyterian Church held their Christmas program on Sunday morning, in lieu of a speaker. Janice White of Brookings spent Christmas with her mother, Rose Grothe.

Rose Grothe’s son, Larry Martens, suffered some broken ribs in his recent motorcycle accident, making a vent in his trach necessary. The therapies are scheduled to begin this week.

Mollie Fox had as Christmas guests her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Fonken of Willow Lake.

Max Miller’s family was home for the holidays. The Doug and Carol Fox family was together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Carol's Aunt, Mary Ann Gross from Minnesota, was also in attendance.

A disappointing evening

Rose Grothe, 12-21-20

I was very disappointed last Monday night
And I will tell you why.
I'd heard about a phenomenon

To be seen in the southwestern sky.

It seems two planets met and crossed
(or whatever planets do)
To produce a star so very bright

That I wanted to see it, too.

And so I drove out west of town
and looked with all my might
To spot this strange phenomenon

Just after sunset that night.

I saw a lot of geese fly south
And then turn back to the north.
And lots of planes with contrails white

Going back and forth.

I saw a very striking sunset
Shine through clouds of gray,
A gold streak here, a pink streak there,

The end of a wonderful day.

The sunset lasted quite a while,
Ever unique.
It almost looked like a line of fire
When through trees I took a peek.

But I never did see the “Christmas star”
Tho I looked and looked for an hour.
I guess 'twas hid behind the clouds
And the sunset's colorful bower.

Others have seen it, but that's ok,
I'll catch it next time around,
By that time, I'll be up above
And get a better look at the ground.

But I can still see the things that were there to see
And relive again that glow
But it reminded me of the “Christmas Star”
In the East of long, long ago.


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