A friendly meat competition

People’s Choice had to break the tie for the Grand Champion award


The annual BBQ, Beer and Friends was held on Saturday night at the Lake Preston Campground. It was a great day for some friendly competition.

While some teams started cooking the night before, the first competition was the Kids Que, which ended up bringing 13 kids making hotdogs and eight kids working with hamburgers.

"We would like to thank the businesses who donated to the Kids Que," said Brett Anderson, one of the event organizer/competitors. "The kids had a blast, and when the winners were announced, they were excited and cheered for each other."

Hot Dog Competition

1st – Cooper McDaniel

2nd – Tyson Buer

3rd – Cruise Wheelhouse

Hamburger Competition

1st – Konner Nuzum

2nd – Kannen Nuzum

3rd – Ella Wienk

"It was an absolute blast to see. I highly recommend people check this out next year," said Anderson.

Grillers’ Choice

The actual BBQ, Beer and Friends competition had eight teams competing for the coveted Grand Champion traveling trophy, which was based on overall points. First, the teams had an opportunity to start with a "Grillers’ Choice," which was whatever the team wanted to make as an "extra" for the day.

"The judges were shocked at what they received," said Anderson, "and they had everything from smoked baloney to shepard’s pie. When you give good cooks free range to go all over for a change, that’s what you get! And we were told that it was an extremely difficult category to judge."

1st – BOB’s Hotbox (Todd Brown, Chad Olson, Doug Bumann)

2nd – ASAP BBQ (Patrick Evans and Andy Wienk) and Wienks BBQ (Jon Wienk, Ella Wienk, Seth Lundeen and Trinity Lundeen) tied

Ribs: Judges

1st – The Legion Boys (Jason Paul, Brett Anderson and Emery Bjorklund)

2nd – Last Minute BBQ (Reid McDaniel, Paul Honerman, Matt Pillar)

3rd – ASAP BBQ

Peoples Choice (ribs)

1st – The Legion Boys

2nd – Hometown Heroes BBQ (Mike Jenkins and Josh Buer)

3rd – Wienk BBQ

Overall Ribs

1st – The Legion Boys

2nd – Last Minute BBQ

3rd – ASAP BBQ

Brisket: Judges

1st – Last Minute BBQ

2nd – The Legion Boys

3rd – BOB’s Hotbox and 3 guys BBQ (Jayden Woodcock, Jeremy Woodcock and Luke Holland) tied

Peoples Choice (Brisket)

1st – Hometown Heroes BBQ

2nd – The Legion Boys

3rd – BOB’s Hotbox

Overall Brisket

1st – Last Minute BBQ

2nd – The Legion Boys

3rd – BOB’s Hotbox

Grand Champion

"Our traveling trophy changed hands once again," said Anderson said, "the top two teams were actually tied at 162 points after the judges scoring! so Peoples Choice broke the tie."

1st – The Legion Boys

2nd – Last Minute BBQ

3rd – ASAP BBQ

Final thoughts

It was another great weekend event for the town of Lake Preston.

"It’s really neat watching this event grow," said Anderson. "Every year seems like there is something new. Whether it is a new team, or new booths set up."

"This year, some kids set up a cotton candy machine, and the Dorothee Pike Memorial Library set up a booth."

"Really fun to watch it grow and interact with everyone that comes to eat and compete."

"Lots of thanks and congrats to everyone. Thank you to Lake Preston for letting us be in the campground again. Thank you to everyone that helped organize both the cookoff and the Kids Que. Thank you to the American Legion for coming down and serving something for people to drink. Thank you to the kids that set up a cotton candy booth. Thank you to the Dorothee Pike Memorial Library. And thank you to everyone that worked so hard to cook the food!"

"Everything was so much fun, and it made this event the best one yet! Hope to see everyone back next year!"


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