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A roller coaster of a week, and peanut butter cookies


It’s going to be a wild week for us, and I’m trying to prepare myself for the emotional roller coaster coming with my daughter Alyssa moving back and the puppies going to their new homes.

After a very long year of living in Denver, Colo., Alyssa is finally moving back to South Dakota, and I am beyond excited to have her home.

She and her boyfriend Travis are moving to Sioux Falls this weekend, and it will be so nice to have them close by again. It was just Alyssa and me for over a decade, so to say we’re close would be a huge understatement.

I can’t wait to see her and have them stay with us a few days as they wait for their apartment to become available this Friday. It will be so nice to have time to catch up.

Along with all my excitement of having Alyssa home, I’m trying to prepare myself for our lab puppies to go to their new homes.

They are definitely becoming more and more of a handful for us, as they continue to explore and chew on everything, but I know I will miss the little buggers when they are gone.

Last night, the puppies decided to rip open a big garbage bag of crushed cans in our garage and then to jump into the pile and slide across the garage floor. It was hard not to laugh, watching them enjoy themselves while making a huge mess, but once I tried picking up the cans, it became less amusing.

I tried to use our big push broom to get the cans into a pile, but the puppies made it impossible as some jumped on the broom for a ride. A couple latched on to the broom with their teeth to try and stop me, while the others continued to run through the cans, spreading them further.

Having seven puppies has definitely been a handful, but I know I will miss their entertainment, snuggles and puppy kisses, too.

With the cooler temperatures, I thought I’d share a great peanut butter cookie recipe for those who, along with me, are ready to start doing more baking. Enjoy!


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