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Advertisements from long ago bring smiles


The Prairie Lutheran Parish church service for Nov. 8 will be at 9:30 a.m. at First Lutheran in Artesian. Everyone is welcome.

Mark and Lisa Hinkley were visitors Tuesday and Friday with Harriet Hattervig. They took her to Howard and Madison for medical appointments.


Some ads from past Carthage newspapers as found in “Carthage, Gem of the Redstone” by Sally Madison, might bring a smile to your face.

An ad from 1884 reads “Wanted at our prairie home, a milk cow, red color preferred, not more than seven or under five years old, fair size, gentle and neat horns. Cash if we can borrow the money.”

An ad from 1887 reads “Wanted: A # one shoemaker in Carthage.”

From 1895, “When going to Howard, Osborn’s bus is the best. He’ll treat you right.”

A 1990 ad reads “Cementico on your walls. It is better than Alabastine and Kalasime and costs no more than Engelnecks. We will give away a set of sad irons with every twenty-five dollars purchase of goods.”

From 1903, “Ladies shampoos are done in the finest styles at the Arcade Barber Shop.”

In 1904. “The Elite, operated by Oliver Dubro serves meals at all hours, has fruit, candies, nuts, pop, soda water, pies, cakes, bread and buns.”

Also, in 1904. “Do you need more blood and flesh? More strength this spring? Hollister’s Rocky Mountain tea will bring them all. If it fails, money back —all thirty-five cents of it. T.W. Howey.”


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