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All roads lead to food and Colorado green chili


This has been a hard week for me. My daughter, Alyssa Eining, and her boyfriend, Travis Cuperus, moved to Denver, Colo., over the long weekend. After a ton of research, I finally came to peace with their decision to move, and I even learned about some Denver-known food.

I know that all parents have to go through the emotional rollercoaster of having their kids move out and begin lives of their own, but Alyssa and I have always been really close. It was just she and I for a decade, so we have a very strong bond. Her moving away was hard on us, but she was always close enough that if we needed to see each other we could hop in the car and be together in an hour or so.

Her moving all the way to Denver is a whole different story. Although she said I can call and we can video chat, it’s not the same. If she needs me, I can’t just drop everything and be there for her like I used to. We can’t plan an impromptu girls’ day to meet up for lunch or go shopping.

This past week I’ve spent a lot of time researching Denver. I checked out the apartment they moved into to make sure it was secure and not a dive. Thankfully, their apartment was just remodeled, and Alyssa sent me a video giving me a tour of their new place, which is beautiful. Then I checked out the crime rate in their neighborhood and was relieved to find it rated as one of the safest neighborhoods in Denver.

After doing enough research to calm my nerves about Alyssa moving, I ended up checking out the local cuisine. I discovered a lot of different dishes well-known in Denver. The most popular dishes, bison or buffalo, steak and of course their Rocky Mountain Oysters (bull testicles, yuck), were on the top of most lists.

A dish constantly mentioned was green chili. They use this as a soup, dip for chips, topping for burgers and in all sorts of other ways. Since I have no desire to even look up a recipe for Rocky Mountain Oysters, I thought this one might be more appealing for everyone to try. Enjoy!


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