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Applesauce smells a lot like fall


The temperatures have been bouncing all over the place lately, but they may finally be leveling out a little bit. I sure hope so, because my poor thermostat is getting a work out from me switching it back and forth from air conditioning to the furnace.

My garden is still hanging in there. I got worried when the temperature at night dropped down into the 30s, but thankfully we didn’t get a big freeze. I still have a lot of tomatoes hanging that I’m waiting on, so hopefully the weather can hold out a bit longer.

I was able to open the windows and can 8 quarts of tomato sauce this weekend. I definitely prefer doing this with my mom. I didn’t mind making it by myself, but it’s much harder not having another person to keep up with all the cleanup. I think having to do all the dishes and wipe up the mess afterwards is the worst part of canning.

With the temperatures cooling and my house smelling like a huge tomato, I started going through my recipes and came across the one I’m sharing this week for applesauce. I’m guessing a lot of people are starting to get apples now. I know many orchards are opening up, and I’m sure many trees are ready to be picked.

If you ever have a lot of apples that you need to do something with, applesauce is a great way to use them up. You can use any type of apples, and you can easily freeze any extra that doesn’t get eaten right away.

My favorite recipes are always those that are double-duty like this one. Not only is it delicious, but it also makes the house smell wonderful all day long. I will warn you that it is super sweet, so if you’d like to make it a little less sweet, just omit the brown sugar. I promise it will still be plenty sweet. I hope you like it!


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