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Banking back in the day


Ted Houge of Huron was the speaker at the church on Dec. 6.

We were given an incorrect address for Larry Martens to put in last week’s Kingsbury Journal. This is the correct one:

Larry Martens c/o St. John's Hospital, Room 708, 1923 S. Utica Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 74104

He is opening his eyes more often and for longer periods of time and has squeezed hands when asked to. They will take the ventilator out this week and put in a reversible trach and feeding tube.


There were several buildings that housed cream and egg-buying stations. Operators included William Frye, Paul Fuerstenau, Charlie Wigman, Chas. Schadt, Ray Tyrrell, Inez Maass and John Poppen. Most of these operators also bought poultry, with one of the advertisements saying that “all poultry must have empty crops.”

The garage building on the corner north of the bank was built in 1913 by James Costello. It was run for a time by Dan Costello, with other names associated in this business being Dan Chilstrom, “Spot” Maass, Floyd Van Tassel and Maurice McTighe.

In 1900, Wesley M. Mason came to town and built the present bank building. He also built a house for bankers directly south of Zell Bros. Implement. The bank continued to be used until the dry year of 1931 when it was closed along with many banks in the area. Anyone having money in the banks at that time could retain a certain amount by putting in a claim.

Some of the events up to that time were quite interesting, with the capital of the bank at its highest around 1909 having in it some $50,000. After Mr. Mason left as president in 1910, Spence Eggleston went in until 1914. Dan Thompson also served as president of the bank a short time in 1909 and in the spring of 1913.

In 1914, the first tragedy struck the bank. A certain Mr. Severson then came in as director and took all the bad notes out of the Watertown bank that were hard to collect from people and put them into the local bank, putting the good notes from here into the Bryant bank.

(Continued next week)


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