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Battling weeds, and chocolate oatmeal no bake bars


It was another busy weekend for us with lots of weeding, flower planting and even some fishing. With the temperatures rising, I’m glad we were able to get a lot of our outside work done early, so we can either enjoy the heat at the lake or stay inside with the air conditioning.

I love all my flowers and my garden, but I can’t stand all of the weeds that I’m constantly battling. I always start with the intention of weeding my flower beds and garden often, so they don’t get out of hand. Unfortunately, I rarely follow through, so I end up spending hours trying to take back control.

Last week was one of those times when I realized I had a mess of weeds to clean up, so I decided to provide myself with some motivation by buying some new flowers to plant. Poinsett Gardens had a great sale before they closed, and I took full advantage. I bought two big flats of gorgeous flowers that I couldn’t wait to get planted, but I wouldn’t allow myself to plant a single one until I won the battle against the weeds.

Thankfully, my husband Josh joined forces with me, and we were able to pull and dig up all of the weeds that had taken over, giving us plenty of clean space to plant my new flowers. We got them all planted the same day, and I love the way they all look.

Since we got all of our yard work done early, we were able to enjoy the majority of the weekend. We spent time with Josh’s family, fishing in the boat for several hours on Saturday with Josh’s dad. The weather was perfect; the fish were biting, and it was a great way to relax during the weekend.

This week I’m sharing an easy dessert recipe to make when the temperatures are high, you want something sweet, and you don’t want to turn on the oven. Enjoy!


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