Election 2020

Biden-Harris declared winners in presidential election

Trump challenges results in multiple states


The counting took a bit longer than usual this year to determine the outcome of this year’s presidential election, but on Nov. 6, major news networks and the Associated Press declared that Democratic former vice-president, Joe Biden, and his running mate, Kamala Harris, had secured 290 electoral votes, surpassing the 270 electoral votes out of 538 that were needed to win. President Donald Trump and Vice-President Michael Pence had 214.

Biden and Harris had 75,284,536, or 50.61 percent, of the popular vote, compared to the Trump-Pence ticket with 71,004,183, or 47.73 percent, of the popular vote. Voters in Kingsbury County cast 1,904 votes for the Trump-Pence ticket, or 69%, and 819 votes for the Biden-Harris ticket, or 29%.

Harris will be the first female to hold the office of vice-president, as well as the first black and South Asian woman.

As of this writing, President Trump has not conceded the election and has issued a statement saying, “This election is far from over.” His team plans to challenge the results in various states.

Precinct breakdown on medical, recreational marijuana

South Dakotan voters said yes Nov. 2 on Amendment A to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana with 54 percent voting for it and 46 against. However, Kingsbury County said no with 45 percent voting yes and 54 percent voting no.

Results across precincts varied on Amendment A. Absentee voters, which were made up of people from around the county and accounted for the largest number of voters, voted 47 percent in favor. Others include Arlington, 52 percent; Badger, 39 percent; De Smet, 40 percent; Iroquois, 50 percent and Oldham, 34 percent.

Initiated Measure 26, to legalize marijuana for medical use, had much more support. Sixty-nine percent of South Dakotans voted in favor, and Kingsbury County voted 63 percent in favor.

The precinct breakdown for yes votes on Initiated Measure 26 includes Absentee, 65 percent; Arlington, 71 percent; Badger, 56 percent; De Smet, 60 percent; Iroquois, 68 percent; Lake Preston, 60 percent and Oldham, 56 percent.


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