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Buckets of tomatoes, peppers, apples and paint


The weather is finally cooperating, and my garden is loving it. We’re enjoying the cooler days and nights, too. Hopefully, the nicer weather is here to stay, so we can finally get some things done outside without having to worry about getting over-heated.

With the temperatures finally cooling off, we’ve been able to enjoy more time outside, and the rain has helped us from having to water the garden and flowers so often. Although my beans and cucumbers are all done for the year, my tomatoes and peppers are growing like crazy. I swear I could pick more of each every day, but I’m trying to get in there at least every other day to get a good bucketful to enjoy.

We took on a big project this summer with painting our big white house brown, and we got the majority of it done in just one day. Then, I think we both got tired of going out and getting fried by the sun and coming in all sweaty, so we have been taking a break from it for a while.

My husband, Josh, has been working away on finishing it up whenever he gets a chance, but between the hot temperatures and rain, he hasn’t had many chances. He’s gotten the majority of the second floor, which was the worst of it, but we still have some trim and the back deck to finish.

I’m hoping this weekend we can finish painting our house. As much as I appreciate the rain, I’m hoping it can hold off for the weekend, so we can finally get our painting done and maybe even relax and enjoy the weather.

I wasn’t sure what to share for a recipe this week until we received a bunch of apples that I needed to deal with. I definitely don’t want them to go to waste, so I’ll be making some apple crunch and freezing the rest to use later on for pies or apple crisp.

I know I usually share recipes with only a few ingredients, but this one is so simple to make it’s okay that it has more ingredients than usual. It’s not only delicious to eat, but your house will smell wonderful. Enjoy!


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