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Cabbage is for coleslaw, not Cabbage Patch Kids


My favorite doll growing up was my Cabbage Patch Kid named Sandy. She had long brown hair, freckles, a bright red dress with white polka dots and cute little ruffled bloomers, but my favorite part was her diaper. I had never seen a doll with diapers before, and she always smelled like baby powder.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Cabbage Patch Kids, the story on the package they came in was that they were born in a secret cabbage patch. It had a picture of a cabbage patch and suggested these dolls could be found inside a cabbage.

You can only imagine my excitement when I went to my grandma’s house for the summer, and as she was walking me through her garden, we came to the end, and I found her huge cabbage patch! I thought I found the secret cabbage patch full of dolls!

My grandma was delighted at first with my excitement over her garden, but she quickly became confused at my questioning of if we could get the dolls out. She had no idea what Cabbage Patch Dolls were, and I’m pretty sure she thought I had lost my mind.

She tried to distract me with her choke cherries and green beans, but all I wanted to do was open one of the cabbages to get another doll. She finally talked me into going inside for some cookies and chocolate milk, and she called my mom to see if she could figure out why I was so adamant on opening a cabbage.

I couldn’t hear much of the conversation they had, but I remember my grandma having a good laugh on the phone. When she came back in the kitchen, she sat down and explained that her cabbages weren’t the ones filled with dolls, and she took me out to open one to prove it.

I was disappointed at the time, but now I can’t help but smile every time I see a cabbage. This is a great recipe for get-togethers with friends and family, especially on these hot summer days.


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