Chase the Ace is back!


What started as a way to raise money for a firetruck has grown to be a fun Saturday night activity for people near and far.

The Lake Preston Volunteer Fire Department started Chase the Ace in June 2019. Their goal was to raise money to purchase a new fire truck for the community.

“The first few weeks were pretty slow until the pot gained some money in it,” stated Josh Buer, fire chief. “It stayed pretty average until about week twenty, and then people really started to come out and donate more and more.”

After Chase the Ace gained momentum, the fire department set up more locations for people to purchase tickets and watch. Originally, it was just held at the New Horizon Lounge. Then, they added The Other Bar and The Lake Preston Café. They Facebook Live the drawing of the event, streaming it to a television at The Other Bar, so people can follow.

With the money that has been raised so far, the fire department purchased a new-to-them rescue engine and personal protective equipment to better serve the community.

Just like so many other activities, the Chase the Ace fundraiser took a pause due to COVID-19 restrictions. After a ten-month break, the fun will continue this Sat., Jan. 9.


Playing Chase the Ace is pretty simple. Tickets can be purchased from 6-7:30 p.m. at the New Horizon Lounge, The Other Bar, The Lake Preston Café and a drive-up option. A drawing for the lucky ticket is held at 7:45 p.m. In the meantime, money collected for the night is counted. Fifty percent of the night’s sales goes to the firemen, forty percent goes into the growing pot, which is currently more than $48,000, and ten percent goes to the winner that night. The ticket holder must be present to win, drawing a card from those remaining. Currently, only 13 cards remain. If the ticket holder draws the ace of spades, he/she wins the pot!

“It would be awesome to see it hit $100,000!” Buer said. “We’ve been shut down since March of 2020, so we are expecting a crowd for sure. I’m asked every day in different towns when we are going to start.”

Buer thanked every one who has supported Chase the Ace.

The department is encouraging masks and social distancing. They’ll also have a drive-up option in front of The Other Bar to purchase tickets. They will go live on their Facebook page at 7:45 to show everyone who had the lucky number, and what card was drawn.

“As always, stay safe!” said Buer.

This fundraiser starts on Saturday and will continue every Saturday until the ace of spades is drawn.


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