Christmas piano recitals held


On Dec. 11 and 12, 2021, Julie Baszler’s piano students performed recitals at The Village Assisted Living and The De Smet Community Church. Awards ceremonies and Christmas parties followed each of the recitals.

On Dec. 11, Case Carlson, Hunter Wipf, Carson Eichler, Heidi Carlson, Nolan Eichler, Matthew Rusche, Weston Eichler and Colt Wipf played in their first recital at The Village. The Carlson family ended the program by performing the popular Balloon Pop Christmas Polka. Perfect attendance certificates were awarded to Case Carlson, Heidi Carlson, Nolan Eichler, Carson Eichler, Weston Eichler, Matthew Rusche, Hunter Wipf and Colt Wipf. Carson Eichler was awarded The Gold Memory Medal with 28. Weston Eichler won the Silver Memory Medal with 24, and Heidi Carlson and Hunter Wipf earned memory ribbons.

Students who performed at 1 p.m. Dec. 12 were Sebastian Gross, Jack Baszler, Cambria Gross, Jace Hojer, Logan Baszler, Hadley Buckmiller and Adalyn Gross. Jaden Hojer and Lorayne Nelson played in their first recitals. Perfect Attendance certificates were awarded to Jack Baszler, Logan Baszler, Hadley Buckmiller, Sebastian Gross, Cambria Gross, Adalyn Gross, Jace Hojer, Jaden Hojer and Lorayne Nelson. Logan Baszler, Jaden Hojer, Cambria Gross and Sebastian Gross all earned memory ribbons.

Students participating in the 4 p.m. performance on Dec. 12 include Ivy Albrecht, Addelyn Jensen, Vada Albrecht, Lynora Albrecht, Cori Birkel and Neva Clubb. Lillian Albrecht played in her first recital and Kennadi Buchholz, as a senior, played in her last. This was the 21st Christmas recital for the Buchholz family.

Perfect attendance certificates were presented to Ivy Albrecht, Vada Albrecht, Lynora Albrecht, Lillian Albrecht, Cori Birkel, Kennadi Buchholz, Neva Club and Addelyn Jensen. Ivy Albrecht won the Silver Memory Medal, having memorized 25 songs. Lynora Albrecht earned a memory ribbon.

At 7 p.m. Dec. 12, those playing were Bella Wilkinson, Kennedi VanOverbeke, Elizabeth Albrecht, Jack VanOverbeke, Coy VanRegenmorter, Mira VanOverbeke, Cora Wilkinson, Harper Anderson, Seeley VanOverbeke and Mirra Beck. Perfect attendance certificates were awarded to Elizabeth Albrecht, Harper Anderson, Mirra Beck, Mira VanOverbeke, Jack VanOverbeke, Kennadi VanOverbeke, Seeley VanOverbeke, Coy VanRegenmorter, Bella Wilkinson and Cora Wilkinson. Kennadi VanOverbeke was awarded the Silver Memory Medal with 25 songs. Memory ribbons were awarded to Jack VanOverbeke, Cora Wilkinson and Seeley VanOverbeke.


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