City of Oldham Council Minutes


November 2, 2020

Meeting called to order by Gary Krogman. present: President Krogman, Roger Eide, Jim Eykamp, and Paul Schellpeper, Chandra Waikel was absent.

Motion to approve agenda Eide second Schellpeper. (U)

Motion to approve minutes, Eide, Second Eykamp. (U)

Motion to approve financials Eide, Second Schellpeper. (U)
Motion to approve bills Schellpeper, Second Eide. (U)

Okeefe’s-60.00-Tractor Hours
Rural Development-426.00-Loan Payment
Public Health Laboratory-45.00-Water Testing
Kayla Sneesby-505.35-Salary/office supplies
Glenn Albers-900.20-Salary Maintenance
Kingsbury County Treasurer-472.70-Contract Law
Kingsbury Journal-34.84-Publications
Kundert Williams-4,591.00-Insurance
Kundert Williams-1,683.00-Insurance

Glenn Albers gave a maintenance report.

Motioned by Eide Seconded by Shcellpeper to continue with Contract Law for 2021

Liquor License for Oldham Saloon approved, Eykamp made a motion, Eide Seconded.

2021 Budget approved, motioned by Schellpeper seconded by Eide.

Executive session was not needed.

Next Regular meeting to Monday, December 7th, 2020 at 7:00 pm, at the City office.

Eide Motioned, Schellpeper to adjourn the meeting.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Kayla Sneesby, Finance Officer
City of Oldham, Equal Opportunity Employer

Published once at the approximate cost of $20.21


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