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Classic S’mores, frozen S’mores, and s’more S’mores


Independence Day is right around the corner, and for me that means fireworks, family, bonfires and s’mores!

Ever since I was little kid, I remember the excitement of going to the large fireworks displays in Mitchell or Brookings. We’d always have to go early to find a “good spot.” Then the anticipation would grow as we waited for the show to begin.

I loved seeing all the different colors in the sky, and my favorites were the big booms that would shake the car. Then I’d join in with everyone else and applaud after the big finale.

I still look forward to seeing the large fireworks displays here in De Smet, but what I enjoy most is getting together with family and friends to shoot off fireworks. We always seem to wait until last minute to get ours, so it’s a mad dash to run to the nearest fireworks stand to get our share to light up.

I like looking at the new fireworks that have come out, but I always end up in the kid’s section picking out my favorites. I’m perfectly content with a bag of colored smoke balls, a few chickens that shoot colored “eggs,” some strobe lights and a few colored fountains.

The fun part is getting together with everyone. I like sitting back and watching the big kids scramble to light their favorites first. I have my smoke balls ready for when the mosquitos start coming out and there’s a lull in the action. But my favorite part is watching the little kids who aren’t sure what’s going on until it begins, then seeing their eyes grow big and their little hands clap as the sky lights up all around us.

When the fireworks are over, we always have a bonfire and S’mores, so this week I’m sharing a frozen s’mores recipe I found a couple years ago. They take a little time to freeze and prepare, but trust me, they are worth it!


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