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Dakota Events Complex will deliver short- and long-term value


This week was an especially exciting one for District 22 and the South Dakota State Fair. A group of Huron area citizens came to Pierre and provided materials that demonstrate a strong case for the DEX and also served a delicious lunch to all the legislators. Many great conversations were held one on one and in small groups with legislators to explain how important this project is for the state of South Dakota, including young people in 4-H and FFA and of course our beef cattle economy and our rodeo industry. I want to thank State Fair Manager Peggy Besch and former Senator Jim White for all their hard work to lead this effort, including the private fundraising to meet the goal of $4 million dollars toward the $19 million project. The legislature needs to approve the $12 million portion of state funds, and that requires a two-thirds approval because it involves public funds. I believe good progress was made this week to help legislators realize the value of this project and helping them to know this will be funds well invested into the near term, as well as long term future of the State Fair and the state of South Dakota.

Overall, the past two weeks have been a very busy time dealing with many bills that attempt to address a wide range of matters. I am impressed with the 105 legislators as a group who really do have the best interests of their respective constituents in their local districts in mind, as well as the complete state of South Dakota. We really do have a citizen's legislature in this state, and they take their responsibilities as a legislator very seriously. Sometimes on some issues, it is tougher to reach a meeting of the minds and decide what gets approved or disapproved. I have witnessed many very constructive discussions and debate in committees and on the floor of the House.

Again, this really is a unique year with the COVID challenge along with the legislature having by far a record amount of one-time funds to figure out the best way to utilize. In fact, this week the Governor reported that these funds are now approaching $400 million due to the CARES Act, and the strong performance of the South Dakota economy with unemployment now being even lower than before the pandemic began.

So, one would think this should be an easy year with so much money to work with, however it seems there will never be money to cover all the ideas for spending. Thanks again for this privilege to serve District 22.

Contact Rep. Lynn Schneider via email lynn.schneider@sdlegislature.gov or call him at (605) 354-2640.


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