Depot Museum’s past

Many displays detailing De Smet’s history


How important can it be?
That you remember De Smet’s history.

Don’t let the past just go astray.
Visit the De Smet Depot Museum today.

You will find De Smet history in its books.
So come on in and take a look around.

Open June-July-August; Tuesday-Friday, noon to 4 p.m. each day
It’s free to you (donations accepted); you don’t have to pay.

The museum is loaded with De Smet’s history and the people who lived in the city. If you do not have the time to see each and every display, (including the four buildings total) take a look at the books that can tell you about De Smet and its residents.

The depot itself is part of De Smet’s past and has a long history of being here. Do you remember when the park in front of the depot was nothing but trees and a yard big enough to play “hide and seek?”


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