Enjoy soft and chewy chocolate peanut butter bars


The temperatures have finally gone down, and I’m taking advantage of them while they last. I love all the seasons, but the low 70s are the perfect temperatures for me.

The break in the heat has given me a chance to spend some much-needed time outside weeding my flower beds. With the heat we’ve had lately, they’ve been neglected, so it’s taken a lot of time to start getting them cleaned up and looking good.

I have a big flower bed in the back corner of our yard with lots of flowers, a windmill and solar lights that I always enjoy looking at from a distance, but when I took a closer look today it was filled with all sorts of weeds and little trees starting to take over. I spent a good amount of time crawling around plucking and pulling all the intruders from my flower patch, so it looks good from both near and far.

I’ve even been able to open the windows and get some fresh air in the house. I don’t mind the heat in the summer, but I do enjoy the days when I can shut the air conditioning off and open up all the windows. I like the fresh air and listening to the sounds from outside.

It almost feels like fall with the cooler temperatures, but it’s not quite cool enough for me to start baking yet. The oven heats up the house too much, and I know someone would want the air conditioning back on if I even made something quick. So, it will stay off, and I will stick to desserts that don’t require the oven.

One of my favorite quick and easy dessert recipes is the one I’m sharing this week. I make this all the time. It’s so easy to throw together, and I always make sure I have the five ingredients needed on hand.

I think a lot of people have some variation of this recipe with either Rice Krispies or Corn Flakes, but this one is my personal favorite. I got it from my mom, Janice Eining, and the tips are from my aunt, Carolyn Mentele.

When I make these bars, I’m lucky if they last a day, but for anyone who can keep them around longer than that the tips will come in handy.


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