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Finding new uses for pepper and jalapeno jelly


With the recent rain and hopefully more on the way, gardens will be taking off soon. I know my garden is full of blossoms and the start of some vegetables, but I haven’t gotten anything out of it yet. My husband, Josh, and I recently ate at Chevy’s in Sioux Falls, and they served our meals with jalapeno jelly which got me thinking of the jalapeno jelly I had canned before.

I know I’ve heard that some people love jalapeno jelly so much that they eat it with a spoon straight out of the jar. I like it, but I couldn’t imagine sitting down with a jar of jalapeno jelly and a spoon. Maybe I’m missing out on something, but I think I’ll skip trying that.

When we went to Chevy’s, and they brought a side of jalapeno jelly for us each, I was surprised and honestly confused as to what we were supposed to do with it. We didn’t get any bread to put it on, so I wasn’t sure what it was for. Josh poured his on his enchilada and said it was good, but I wasn’t ready to commit to that. I tried a little with my food and was surprised how well it went with things.

I’ve always used mine to make a quick dip. I just spread cream cheese on a plate and then cover it with a layer of the jelly. Then we scoop it up with crackers, and it’s delicious.

I decided to look up other uses for jalapeno jelly and was shocked at all the different ways people use it. One person said they make peanut butter and pepper jelly sandwiches, and their kids love them. I haven’t tried that one yet either, but I might have to just to see what it’s like.

For anyone who has a bunch of jalapenos and not sure what to do with them, I’m sharing my recipe for jalapeno jelly. It has always turned out really well. Enjoy!


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