beef month

Four hundred pounds of beef donated to schools

Cattlemen Association is looking for area producers for further donations


To kick off and celebrate May as Beef Month, the Kingsbury County Cattlemen’s Association (KCCA) has made a purchase of beef to donate a lunch to each school in Kingsbury County.

In addition, KCCA has partnered with each FFA chapter to present educational materials to elementary students on the importance of beef production in South Dakota.

“As a producer organization, our board understands the importance of educating young people on the vital role beef plays in their diets as well as the impact the industry has on our area in general,” says DJ Holt, project coordinator and KCCA board member. “Kingsbury County ranks in the top ten counties in South Dakota in all cattle and calves, and the industry is a major economic driver.”

“Beef means so much to South Dakota. Its economic impact is reaching $6 billion in our home state. Cattle provides a way of life for so many, and we get excited to promote our producers’ hard work and commitment to produce the best protein available,” Holt continues.

KCCA is searching for partners to create an ongoing program in the fall for area producers to be able to provide donations for the local beef to schools.

“We are doing the work currently to create opportunities for area students to have access to locally-raised beef on a more consistent basis. We fully expect to have a process we can roll out later this summer,” Holt concluded.


• Agriculture is a major contributor to South Dakota’s economy, generating $25.6 billion in annual economic activity.

• South Dakota is home to nearly 14,000 beef operations.

• South Dakota has 3,800,000 head of cattle – nearly 4.3 beef animals for every state resident.

• South Dakota ranks seventh in the nation for number of beef cattle with 4 million head of cattle.

• South Dakota ranks fifth in beef cow inventory.

• South Dakota ranks fifth in calf crop.

• South Dakota ranks seventh in cattle on feed.

• South Dakota’s cattle industry contributes $5.8 billion to the state’s economy, according to a 2019 South Dakota agriculture Economic Contribution Study.


• Beef cattle production represents the largest segment of American agriculture.

• Production of meat animals responsible for $67.56 billion to economy.

• There are 913,246 cattle operations in the U.S.

• All cattle and calves: 91.9 million.

• Number of cattle on feed: 14.7 million.

• 55.5 pounds per capita consumption of beef.

• 97% of farms are family operations.


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