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Getting back to baking with delicious dump bars


I’ve been enjoying the warmer temperatures we’ve been having, but it sounds like they will be ending soon. With the nice weather, I’ve been pretty lazy with making desserts, so I have more time to spend outside enjoying the warm weather.

Since my husband and the boys can’t seem to survive without some kind of dessert always available, I’ve been sticking with my go-to easy recipes. It’s been a lot of Rice Krispie bars and peanut butter bars lately.

I’m not sure why, but when the weather is nice out, I just don’t feel like doing much baking in the kitchen. I’d rather be doing some spring cleaning or finding something to do outside, so I can enjoy the warmer temperatures… especially since I know they won’t last long.

It probably doesn’t help that my sense of smell and taste are still off. It’s hard to enjoy making anything when you can’t smell things baking or enjoy eating them. Everything seems to taste the same, so it’s hard to enjoy anything.

Thankfully, back when I could still taste and smell, I was able to collect some delicious recipes from my mom. Whenever I visit my parents, my mom has at least a couple desserts waiting for me, so I started getting the recipes from her whenever she had something new for me to try.

As I’ve shared before, I don’t care for recipes with a ton of ingredients or that require a lot of time and steps to get them done. I always check out how many steps there are in a recipe before I start writing them down. When it comes to desserts, anything over two steps usually doesn’t make the cut for me.

The recipe I’m sharing this week is another recipe I’ve gotten from my mom. I knew this one was a keeper as soon as I saw the name and short directions to make them. You can’t get much easier than dumping all the ingredients at once, mixing and baking! Enjoy!


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