Have medications you need to dispose?

Sheriff office’s Take Back collection will handle it


On Sat., April 24, 2021, the Kingsbury County Sheriff’s office and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) will be conducting a Take Back collection at the Sheriff’s office next to the County Courthouse from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Take Back program is a coordinated effort between the DEA and the Kingsbury County Sheriff’s Office to collect expired or unused, substances. Lost, stolen or misused medications can lead to serious harm if incorrectly handled. By removing potentially dangerous controlled substances from your medicine cabinets, you are making your home safer.

A drop box will be set up at the Sheriff’s office Saturday. Bring your medications in a container or original container and place in the drop box. If you would like to keep the container, pills can be emptied from the container into the drop box. Liquid forms of medications must stay in the container they came in.

A Sheriff’s deputy will man the drop box at all times. The deputy will not be allowed to take inventory or handle any of the medications. Once the collection is over, the drop box will be sealed, weighed, secured and treated like evidence until it is collected by the DEA and then incinerated. This is a safer method than flushing pills down the toilet, as that can lead to environmental hazards.

Medication labels do not need to be removed. Once the medication is deposited into the drop box, law enforcement will ensure no one handles any of the medications until the drop box is sealed and secured. However, if you would feel safer removing the labels, you are welcome to do so or use a black permanent marker to cover any names before depositing medications in the drop box.


• Bring your expired, unwanted or unused pharmaceutical controlled substances, over-the-counter medications and other medications.

• All veterinary medications, whether prescriptions or over the counter, will be accepted.

• Medications from a nursing home or assisted living center will be accepted.

• Any solid dosage from a pharmaceutical product (tablets, capsules) in consumer containers will be accepted.

• Small (pint size) bottles of cough syrups sealed in their original container will be accepted.

• Loose pills must be in a container but can be dumped into the drop box.


• Do not bring illicit drugs, such as marijuana or heroin.

• Do not bring used or new needles, IV solutions, injectables or syringes.

• Do not bring inhalers or other compressed air cylinders.

• Pharmacies, hospitals and physicians may not drop off their excess medications.

Remember, keep your medications safe. Clean them out. Take them back. Help make Kingsbury County a safer community and do your part by removing old, unused, expired medications from your medicine cabinet, house and barn.


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