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Here comes Christmas!


Ready or not, here it comes… Christmas, that is. As usual, the days before Christmas always seem to fly by as I scramble to get everything ready. There never seems to be enough time to get it all done, but, somehow, it comes together.

We already had one big Christmas party for my mom’s side of the family at my aunt’s house in Crooks, S.D. There were over 40 of us there, and with everyone bringing at least one or two items, we had enough food to feed a small army. It was great to see everyone again, and it was a good warm-up for all of the gatherings to come.

I got a head start on my Christmas shopping this year, so I felt ahead of schedule for a brief moment. Of course, now with Christmas just around the corner and boxes of gifts stacked everywhere that need to be wrapped, I’m back to feeling behind again.

I’m trying to stay calm, but as weeks have turned into days until Christmas, I’m back to panic mode as I look at the extensive list of things I need to do. There are those gifts that need to be wrapped, candy and cookies to be made, dishes to prepare for Christmas at our house and dishes for the other gatherings we have this weekend.

My constant procrastination always seems to put us behind as other things come up that need to be done first, and I always feel I have plenty of time to worry about Christmas. Then, suddenly, Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m scrambling to get everything done.

Josh and I did finally get around to putting up Christmas lights and decorations in the house this weekend, so that’s a nice feeling.

Now, it’s wrapping gifts and figuring out what all I need to make. Then, hopefully, I will find some time to make some sort of candy and cookies for everyone to enjoy, because it’s not really Christmas if everyone doesn’t gain at least a few pounds from all the extra goodies.

This week I’m sharing one of the many dishes I tried last weekend at my aunt’s Christmas party. This is definitely a new favorite, and as you can see by the ingredients, it’s sweet enough to be served as a side or dessert. Enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!


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