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High speed internet on its way in Iroquois area


Valley FiberCom is coming to the Iroquois area, including rural addresses. The crew digging the lines are making quick business of it.

A handful of satellite internet services currently operating in the area could be replaced by those selecting the fiber optic choice. Fiber optic cable TV is a service that can be signed up for as well.

Many customers do not own landline telephones any longer, but for those who do, CenturyLink is no longer installing or replacing aged phone lines. That is what they have told customers with service requests in the past couple of years. Many people use only cell phone lines and have had their landline numbers rolled over into cell service options.

Northwestern Bell Telephone Company was in operation as American Bell from 1896-1899 and AT&T from 1899-1983. The Northwestern Bell logo was in use from 1969-1983. US West owned the company from 1984-1991. It then changed to Qwest 1991-2000, which then merged into the current CenturyLink.

There have been many changes and progress through the years. Some discrepancy arises over who actually invented the first telephone, but Alexander Graham Bell received the patent in 1876. So, from “Watson, come here! I want to see you!” to a line that’s used to transmit data in the form of light from point A (origin source) to point B (your home), the use of the telephone has come a long way.

In the photos, one can see the NEBT logo with old lines and the 3-digit phone number that was assigned to this address; then, the current CenturyLink post, as well as the newly installed Valley FiberCom equipment.


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