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I can’t stand waste, so I make apple cake instead


Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate anything being wasted… especially food. I’m not sure if it’s because of how I was raised or from times when money was tight, but seeing food being thrown into the garbage is like fingernails scraping a chalkboard for others.

I was just raised to not waste anything. If my mom made a big meal, and we didn’t eat everything she prepared that night, we all knew it would be back on the table again. If we went anywhere and dished up a big plate of food, we’d have to sit there and eat it until it was gone or hope we could talk my dad or someone else into finishing it for us.

It makes me cringe whenever I see people throw away perfectly good food. I’m sure some don’t understand or think it’s a big deal to throw away their food left on their plate, but it’s hard for me to watch.

I know a lot of people just don’t like leftovers. I’ll admit that some things that are warmed up a second or third time aren’t as good as the first night, but some things seem to taste even better the next day. I love lasagna the next day.

Maybe the reason I like leftovers is because I don’t have to cook the next night, or maybe I’m just cheap. Heaven knows there have been times when money has been tight, and I couldn’t afford to just throw away perfectly good food.

Whatever the reason, I don’t see myself ever changing. The only time anyone will ever see me throw away any food is if it’s covered in mold. If you try throwing away food in front of me, don’t be surprised if I ask if I can have it.

I’ve heard some people talking about having a bunch of apples they aren’t sure what to do with, so I thought I’d share a recipe to help them use some of them up. It doesn’t take a lot of apples, but at least it will save a couple apples from being thrown out. Enjoy! !

Home Grown


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