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I may have an addiction, and baked eggs for a crowd


I must confess. I may have a problem. After going on and on about how I was ready for a break from having puppies, I didn’t even make it 48 hours after our last puppy left before I ended up with another.

I was not planning on getting a puppy. I was hoping to have a break from all the yipping, multiple feedings and keeping everything we own from getting chewed on by puppy teeth.

That was the plan. Then, I saw the cutest picture of a French Bulldog for sale and threw the plans out the window.

I immediately fell in love and wanted the puppy, but I honestly didn’t think we’d end up getting him. I thought either the price or my husband Josh would convince me to change my mind.

French Bulldogs are never cheap with all the costs involved in breeding, but this little guy had a heart murmur that he will hopefully outgrow; that discounted the price. So, we could afford to get him, and I fell in love even more knowing he had a health condition that could cause others not to want him.

I thought Josh would probably talk some sense into me. I started the conversation with “So… how much do you love me?” and then showed him the picture of the puppy.

Although he wasn’t hasty to jump on board with only a picture, after a quick phone call to the pet store asking all of the questions one should ask before getting a puppy, he told me to go get him.

I spent the entire drive to Watertown questioning my sanity and trying not to get too excited until I got there in case it didn’t work out.

As soon as I saw him, it was over. He was too cute; after I picked him up, I knew he was coming home.

I may have a puppy addiction or just be crazy, but I do not care. I love our new pup, Tyke, and he’s a part of our family now.

If you have a large group to cook breakfast (or any meal) for, this is a great, easy dish you can prepare the night before and enjoy time with everyone while it bakes. Enjoy!


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