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I need to get a new set of hearing aids!


The Reverend Richert of Brookings was the speaker at the Presbyterian Church on June 12. Thank you very much for the enlightening service on our spiritual growth.

Hope everyone exercised their right to vote. If they didn't, they gave up one of our most precious freedoms.

Rose Grothe was a dinner guest of the Mike Keatings of Iroquois on Tuesday.

Linda Perry and Rose Grothe attended the Prairie Repertory Theater at SDSU on Friday evening for the performance of “The Play that Goes Wrong.” What a fun time.

Rose Grothe enjoyed the 2nd concert of the series, “The Browns,” at the Event Center on Sunday afternoon. What marvelous and energetic patriotic entertainment thoroughly welcomed by the large crowd! A very fitting end to the June 10th celebration.

Last week, I reread the notice about the sugar rationing and reminisced in my mind about the ration books. I was reminded of a true story that took place in Le Seuer Township about sugar rationing.

Each member of a family had a ration book, containing stamps for various things that were rationed including sugar, shoes, gas and meat. It seems that the eldest daughter of a family was working for a neighboring lady, and of course, she took her ration book along. She lived there with them and rode to the local school with the son. The mother was very happy to have her there as it was canning season, and she could use the extra sugar stamp. As the saying goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray,” because for whatever reason, the young lady decided she wanted to go to school in another town. Her sugar stamp went with her. The mother cried at the parting … not so much that the young lady was leaving, but that the SUGAR STAMP was.

I need to get some new hearing aids,so that I can see to drive.

1942 history
(thanks to Pauline Claassen)

October 8, 1942

The telephone exchange that has been operated by the Weigman family has been discontinued. They are moving to California. A long-distance exchange has been installed at the Dan Costello home.

November 19

William Waeckerle has taken over the operation of the Standard Oil Service Station from Fred Busch. Mr. Busch plans to move to Rapid City.

December 3

Reverend and Mrs. M. B. Nonhof were honored by a reception on Sunday. Reverend Nonhof is to be installed as the pastor of the Presbyterian Church here on December 15.

December 31

Word has been received from two of our men in the service. Clayton Cheney is at Fort Meyers, Va., and Maynard Muilenburg is somewhere in Africa.


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