Kruempel signs books on home ground

“Once Upon a Midwest Sunset” author recalls her childhood memories


DeAnn (Wolkow) Kruempel grew up about seven miles north of De Smet on a small family farm not too far from Erwin. Growing up on a farm and in a rural area brought many exciting and challenging experiences for Kruempel and her family. “Nooks and Crannies,” a column she has written for several newspapers, shares stories of her childhood on the farm.

Ward’s Store and Bakery hosted the well-attended book signing Friday. Kruempel’s older brother, Delmer Wolkow, gave an introduction, shared a few passages with the audience from different Kruempel books and shared some personal thoughts.

The passages Wolkow chose to read were very descriptive, and that is what makes the written word so special to numerous people. When descriptive scenes are read, the brain and imagination paint a picture; the more descriptive the more focused the scene becomes.

Wolkow also mentioned that when Kruempel was writing the weekly columns, she would call her brothers and sisters and talk about different events. Each event had a different perspective from each of the family members. Even though brothers and sisters shared the same event, their remembrances were sometimes different. Kruempel said reminiscing about childhood events with her siblings helps bring them closer and forms tighter bonds.

“Once Upon a Midwest Sunset” is a compilation of those columns placed into a softcover book. The book is available on Amazon. Kruempel has changed gears, writing a new column for the newspapers titled “Putting on the Big Boots.” It takes some of the childhood memories and spins them into a modern era lesson.

Kruempel has also authored a five-book series that takes place on the Iowa prairie. The series is written from the perspective of a ten-year-old girl, Lydi Andersson, as her family relocates from Chicago to Iowa in a time before World War II. The series covers the death of her father, the hardships and struggles she and her family faced. The series continues through the events of World War II.

This series of books, “Promises to Keep,” “Promises Challenged,” “Promises Strengthened,” “Promises in Courage” and “Promises Under Fire” are available on Amazon as well.

Kruempel currently resides on an acreage near Logan, Iowa. She has worked in school and public libraries for close to thirty years. She enjoys writing historical fiction and sharing her experiences, values and ethics through her stories. Her goal in writing is to keep reading alive and strong for all readers.


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