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Let’s talk about apples and easy apple crisp


In the United States, more than 100 different apple varieties grow, but thankfully, around here there aren’t that many from which to choose. This is a good thing for people like me who struggle to figure out which apples should be used for what. This week, I’m going to share my top five picks when it comes to the best apples for baking.

First on my list would be Honeycrisp. It is sweet, super crunchy and versatile. The skin is red and yellow, and the apple has a crisp texture. It is great for pies, bars, applesauce and just about any baked treat.

Granny Smith apples are known for being tart and juicy. Tart, firm apples like these hold their shape in the oven under a layer of pie crust. A mix of sweet and tart apples is ideal for desserts like pie, but since their skin is thicker than others, you may want to peel them before baking.

Pink Lady apples are great for everything from bread to dessert. They’ll stay firm after baking and have a crisp (some say fizzy) bite to them.

Red Delicious apples break down easily and are perfect for applesauce, preserves, apple butter or cake. Any recipe that doesn’t require slices to maintain their shape will be well suited for this variety.

Fuji apples are great right out of the fridge. They have a red skin and are sweet, firm and juicy. Any recipe that calls for a firm apple can be used with this variety. Fujis are great for pies, crisps and other baked goods.

This is a great recipe for apple crisp. Not only does it taste delicious, but it will fill your house with the wonderful scents of apples and cinnamon. Enjoy!


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