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Lexi’s Closet opens in De Smet

Cardi Girl to Lexi’s Closet, fashion boutique changes hands and styles


If you are a female and have a flair for western apparel, or your taste is more toward the casual, you need to check out Lexi’s Closet located at 115 Second Street SE in De Smet. The store can be found where Cardi Girl was operating. In March, Victoria Albrecht sold the boutique to Jesselyn Seaton.

“The casual woman who likes to have a little something extra, not too flashy, but with just a little bit of western flair, and functional; of course,” is how Seaton describes the merchandise and clothing she offers.

“Quality. It is really important to me to get purchases from quality vendors,” said Seaton. “I am really picky about the clothes I purchase. So, if I get something that I do not like, it goes back to the vendor. I try really hard to get American-made products. That is not always possible for the diversity that we have in the store. But yes, you can rest assured that I try my hardest to get quality products.”

Seaton says when her business was online, her specialty was graphic t-shirts. She is bringing in a lot more graphics and western designs to Lexi’s Closet. In fact, one of her plans for the store, long-term, is to start a wholesale line of personally-designed t-shirts. She took some art classes in college, enjoys drawing and feels she can accomplish that goal.

While the store may be catering to females, she has not forgotten the men.

“I' m going to be talking to some vendors in the next weeks to see if I can get a different men's design in here that'll be more... not super-western menswear, but more country-style, workwear men's clothing, functional for those working in the area,” Seaton shared.

She also said she might like to have multiple storefronts.

Seaton was busy this last week celebrating the grand opening of her new store, Lexi’s Closet. She is no stranger to retail, as she has been operating a clothing boutique online and then selling some of her merchandise at rodeos and Barrel Racing Jackpots where she competed in barrel racing events. Selling her items at the events and online was a way Seaton could cover the costs of her barrel racing horse.

Seaton is 29 years old and grew up near Howard on a cattle ranch. She attended South Dakota State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology (pre-medicine) and a master’s degree in microbiology. While she may not be pursuing a career in medicine at this time, her education is helping her around the family ranch and raising cattle.

Her grandfather may be familiar to some. Dr. Louis Karlen, a long-time physician in the area, at one time had an office just two doors down from where Lexi’s Closet is located. Seaton finds science and medicine as an interest of hers, but pursuing medical school was too much of a commitment right now in her life.

Lexi’s Closet. If the owner’s name is Jesselyn Seaton, where in the world did that name come from? When Seaton was contemplating names for her business, she had a long list. She thought of using her own name, but Jesselyn could be complicated and hard for people to spell. Another choice was Lexi’s Closet that she added to her list. On a phone call with the state setting up her business, they asked for her business name, and Seaton had to scramble and make a choice quickly. She chose Lexi’s Closet because it was unique, and everybody liked it. Seaton likes it, too, especially since it is the name of her rodeo horse.

To see the merchandise, visit Lexi’s Closet on Facebook and Instagram or visit: Better yet, stop and visit. The store is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday.


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