Local teen trick rider wows crowd at arena


Local teen Candice Aamot impressed the crowd once again with her heart-stopping, trick riding demonstration July 22-23 at the Foothills Rodeo in Wessington Springs, S.D., and the Kingsbury Journal was there to enjoy the show. Aamot performs under the fitting moniker “Crazy Cowgirl,” and she would have to be a bit crazy to perform some of the death-defying tricks she pulls off without a hitch.

Rodeo announcer Ty Dean was just as amazed as the fans in the stands as Aamot dangled from her horse in dangerous positions, looking like she might fall off at any moment. Her repertoire included moves entitled “Under the Neck,” “Cossack Drag,” “Side Backbend,” “Lay Over the Neck,” “Vaulting Sequence,” “Fender Reversal,” “Full Fender,” “Stroud,” “One Foot Stand” and “Hippodrome (Liberty Stand).” 

“Under the Neck” is just as it sounds. Aamot literally crosses from one side of the horse to the other – without touching the ground – underneath the animal’s neck while it is galloping around the rodeo arena. For some other moves, she does indeed touch the ground while hanging from the saddle by only her feet. One of those tricks, “Cossack Drag,” sees her drag both hands on the ground while dangling from the horse with only one foot still in the saddle! 

Throughout every performance, Aamot never loses her big, brilliant smile. She tops off each trick with a flourishing wave and another bright smile for the crowd. 

Aamot uses two horses for her performances, one named Dusty and the other named Spirit. Their next performance will be Sun., Aug. 14 in Strasburg, N.D. If attending a live show (highly recommended) doesn’t work, videos of Aamot’s tricks can be seen on her Facebook page “Crazy Cowgirl Trick Riding.” 


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