Lodging opportunities in the State Park system


Over the last two years, South Dakota State Parks have seen record use. Many people have bought campers and tents to join us at the parks to enjoy the outdoors. With the increase of new guests and more visits from those who frequent the parks, we have been getting more questions about the different types of lodging available in the parks.

In most of the parks across the state, you will find what we call our camping cabins. These are one-room cabins that will sleep four or five. They have bunk beds, air conditioning, heat and electrical outlets both inside and outside. A table is located inside the cabin, along with on the deck or patio outside. The camping cabins do not have running water. There are 229 camping cabins to choose from around the state.

If you are looking for an option with a few more amenities, check out our modern cabins and suites. Depending on the location, these will have one to three bedrooms and sleep up to 10. The modern cabins and suites have bathrooms and kitchens, in addition to what the camping cabins have. The state parks offer 37 options of modern cabins and suites.

The last type of lodging in the parks are the group lodges. These are full houses that can sleep up to 15 people, depending on the location. The lodge at Lake Thompson Recreation Area is a two-story, five-bedroom house. It has a full kitchen with a separate dining room and living room. Three additional electrical campsites are available for rent by the group at the lodge. Modern cabins and lodges are great options for a family to use for a reunion or a holiday party.

In addition to the group lodge at Lake Thompson, there are five other group lodges in the park system.

In the Northeast region, one will find 48 camping cabins, 14 modern cabins and suites and one group lodge. Mina Lake has a modern cabin, and Roy Lake has both modern cabins and suites. With a few exceptions, these lodging options are available year-round. They are great options for hunters, anglers, family groups, a weekend out with the girls or holiday gatherings

For more information on the amenities at each location: https://gfp.sd.gov/modern-lodging/. To reserve one of our lodging options, go online to www.campsd.com or call 1-800-710-2267.


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