Lucky ticket holder picks a prize

Skyberg donates winnings — for the most part


De Smet’s American Legion Post 138 held a drawing last Saturday night for the winning ticket of a fundraising raffle for a pallet of Busch Light beer. The Legion Post sold 150 tickets at $20 each, and the winner could select between two prizes: an entire pallet of Busch Light beer (78 30-packs of 12-ounce cans) or a cash payout of $1,000.

The sale of all 150 tickets only took about one week, with tickets purchased from a few local businesses and some individual Post members.

Many Post members gathered at Mathews Store Bar south of De Smet for a meal of pulled pork sandwiches and adult beverages, sticking around for the drawing of the winning ticket.

Post 138 Commander Harvey Hubbard shook up all 150 ticket stubs in a big bucket, and bar owner Hank Albrecht had the honor of reaching in and drawing out the winner: ticket number 43, purchased by De Smet resident Marilyn Skyberg.

Right after Skyberg’s ticket was drawn, Hubbard called her on his cell phone and put it on speaker for everyone in attendance to hear. A live video of the call was shared on the Post’s Facebook page. When Skyberg answered the call, Hubbard told her that ticket number 43 had been drawn.

“Oh, I think that IS mine!” said Skyberg.

Skyberg said she would head to the bar, and Hubbard told her to decide on her way whether she would choose the pallet of beer or the $1,000 cash payout.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll go with the pallet,” she said, drawing cheers and applause from those in attendance.

However, when Skyberg and her husband Gordie arrived at the bar, she announced that her plans had changed.

“We’ll give nine hundred back to the Legion kitchen, and we’re drinking up the other hundred here!”

That drew even more cheers and applause.

“That’s a fundraiser!” said Hubbard.


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