Making gingerbread houses


The preschoolers at Iroquois had fun building and decorating gingerbread houses for the holiday. The children used royal frosting to attach candies to the graham cracker structure. The houses were on display for parents to see the night of the Christmas concert. 

Mary Wienbar has been making gingerbread houses with students for nearly 30 years. She initially found the recipe for the royal frosting in a Woman's Day magazine when she was a high school student active in 4-H. She used the activity as one of the demonstrations for the club.

Wienbar uses the small milk cartons from school lunch as a base. The frosting is the adhesive that holds the graham crackers to the carton and the candies to the crackers. When the frosting dries, it hardens.

“It is so much fun to watch the children plan and place the candy. Their imaginations create doors, chimneys, sidewalks, windows, mailboxes, snowmen and the list goes on,” states Wienbar.


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