Letter to the editor

Memories are good for our souls


Thank you for including the weekly column, “Nooks and Crannies,” by author Deann Kruempel.

While I don’t believe we can live in the past, I believe the exercise of looking back is good for our souls! I very much appreciate your skill at recalling and communicating the many details that call us back to past eras with gentle and evocative storytelling.

“Old school memories: Top-of-the-Class A+” (Dec. 2, 2020) were especially touching for me and for my mother, Marilyn Jones.

Over sixty years ago Mom, (Miss Whaley then) in her first year as an English teacher at Erwin High School, actually taught your older sister, Deloris. Years later I attended K-6 at the Erwin Grade School. Your descriptions of the “Incidents, emotions, tastes and smells…” associated with that special place of learning for so many (including my father, Dale D. Jones—EHS Class of 1948) served to transport both of us back to a time we re-visit with fondness.

The wonderful recollections you have mined give us new reason to be thankful for the educators, administrators, janitors, bus drivers, kitchen staff, students and classmates who touched our lives during those wonderful school years.

Dawn E. Jones
Volga, S.D.


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