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Now that’s a corn crop!


Charemon Dunham traveled to Indianapolis, Ind., to attend the American Legion Conference on how to write and judge American Legion history.

The Bornitz family held a get-together, tailgate party of about 20 people in memory of Darin Bornitz before the SDSU vs. Southern Illinois football game held in Brookings on Saturday.

The Clendenings, Lori, Erik, Hannah and Rosalie Wehlander, along with Sierra Crater, Amy Zeller and other DWU friends, were in Omaha, Neb., for a wedding reception/1st anniversary for Kevin and Rachelle Goshorn. The wedding was held one year ago, but due to COVID, the reception and dance was postponed a year. Rachelle is the granddaughter of the late LaJoy Thompsen. On Saturday, the group attended the Omaha Junkstock event held at a former quarter horse farm. That evening, they explored the Old Warehouse District in downtown Omaha.

Curt and Lori Wehlander attended the Unity Day for Domestic Violence last Monday held outdoors by the Corn Palace in Mitchell. Hannah Wehlander sang with a group during the event’s music program.

History Note – In 1908, the American Corn Crop was big enough to pay off the national debt and still leave millions for other programs. (What happened?)


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