Letter to the editor

Protecting the future of our county — a call to action


As a healthcare leader in the community, I am concerned that information about our county’s COVID cases is not transparent.

After hearing concerning rumors about another positive case, a call was made to our county’s Emergency Services Manager, Cindy Bau, for clarity, only to find that she doesn’t get information any sooner than we do. Cindy heads up the Kingsbury County COVID-19 Task Force, working to keep us connected so we can get through this virus unscathed.

We at Good Samaritan Society started outdoor visits on 7/13. Our plans are based on what is going on in our county. If we do not know what is going on, then we may risk the health of our staff and those we serve.

The COVID positive cases info provided by the SD Department of Health is not available soon enough so that we may act quickly to protect ourselves and those we serve.

If workers of businesses start testing positive with COVID, who will be able to provide goods or services to our customers? How many businesses can take a hit like that and not permanently close? How that affect our county’s growth in the future?

I propose that we as a community come up with a communication process to provide quick response when needed, allowing each business and individual to make informed decisions about how they should operate.

Cindy Bau will be asking for discussion around this topic at our next COVID-19 Taskforce Meeting the week of July 27th. I hope we can collectively come up with a quicker way to communicate so as to protect, as best we can, our residents and businesses.

Thank you for consideration,
Katlin Johnson
Administrator of Good Samaritan Society De Smet & a concerned resident of Kingsbury County


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