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Resolutions, and chicken tortilla casserole


I survived the holidays! I didn’t get as much baking done as I had wanted, but I was able to get just enough made to keep everyone satisfied. However, I realized that I will never be able to compete with my mom.

We made it to 2021! For a while I wasn’t sure if it was ever going to happen, as 2020 felt like a nightmare at times with COVID and everything else going on. Here we are in 2021. Things may not be back to normal yet (and who knows if they ever will be), but some things remain the same. As a new year begins, people are setting their New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve noticed this year that I haven’t heard as much about everyone’s resolutions as in prior years. Many are just hoping things in the world improve, but for those who are talking about their resolutions, they seem to be the same as always: lose weight, improve health or improve finances.

I think we are all looking to improve on these things at some point in time. After the holidays, I’m always needing to lose the extra weight I’ve picked up from all the big family gatherings and holiday goodies I’ve indulged in.

Trying to look on the positive side…I guess one good thing about COVID is that I didn’t go to as many big gatherings as normal, so I didn’t eat and gain as much weight as I typically would have over the holidays.

Also, because of my horrible procrastination, I didn’t bake as much this year, so I didn’t have all the candy and baked goodies laying around tempting me as usual. So maybe my procrastination wasn’t such a bad thing after all!

This week I’m sharing a Pampered Chef recipe that my family loves, and I love to make. It’s so easy to throw together, and it’s ready to eat in no time. Enjoy!


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