Sharing the secret of the messiah

Secrets play a major role in our lives


People are intrigued by secrets. Secrets entertain us. Movies and television shows always have a secret to be revealed later in the show. If you knew the whole storyline from the beginning, the rest of the show would be very boring.

Knowing a secret that others do not know can sometimes give you an advantage.

If the Minnesota Twins find the secret to pitching to the White Sox’s best player, the Indians, Royals and Tigers are going to want to know what the secret is, too. Until they figure the secret out, the Twins have an advantage in the division.

Sometimes having a secret can get you in trouble.

It’s best if you don’t make a habit of keeping secrets from your spouse. Things will go a lot better for you if the cards are face up on the table when it comes to your spouse.

Secrets play a major role in our lives.

There are people out there, as you know, who pride themselves as honest brokers in life. It seems there may be a spectrum running from swindlers on one end to straight shooters on the other end. Some people keep a lot of secrets, and some people keep very few secrets. Between those two extremes, everyone falls.

It would be a fun game to place your friends and family on this spectrum, but today, position one particular person on this spectrum — Jesus Christ.

Now this is not a line of lies and truth.

This is a line of secrecy and openness. We all know that Jesus was honest. For crying out loud, he called himself “the truth.” What about secrets? Jesus did keep some secrets. There are times when Jesus speaks, and he finishes by saying, “don’t tell anyone what I just told you.”

This literary element is known as the messianic secret — the secret of the messiah.

Why would Jesus do this?

He has an end goal. Jesus is bent on taking on the sin of the world, and he’s not going to let anyone get in the way of this. So, he keeps a few secrets in his earthly ministry.

It’s at this point where your preacher has to remind you: not everything is about you.

Some things in scripture no longer apply to you. The messianic secret is one of those things. Jesus has lifted his secrets and now completely reveals his entire ministry. It’s not a secret kept from you anymore. Now, it’s a proclamation — an announcement — directed right at you. No longer a secret, Christ is your Lord. Amen.


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