Sink Or Swim? You Decide


Here we go! Our first edition of the Kingsbury Journal. There are a number of potential reasons you decided to obtain this paper. It might be because you already had a subscription to the former De Smet News or Lake Preston Times, so you did not have a say in the matter. You are the ones who are going to help us volunteers feel good by adding to our distribution numbers. Thank you!

To our non-subscribers who chose to read this paper, perhaps you wanted to show your support in our efforts to keep this paper alive, or maybe amid the COVID pandemic, you find yourself with extra time on your hands.

I bet for many of you, though, your reasoning to purchase this paper can be summarized in one word: curiosity. You want to know if we sank or swam, and you want to decide that by coming up with the conclusion yourself. Well, here I am writing this first paragraph just trying to decide if I should use “might” or “may” when listing for you those potential reasons you might or may have decided to pick up this paper so needless to say, you are in for a treat.

It may end up being a treat that your grandma gives you where you think it is a chocolate chip cookie only to bite into it and find...you guessed it...a raisin, but a treat nonetheless.

So, sink or swim? That is something you get to decide, but just as you might show encouragement and grace to a child learning how to swim for the first time, we are asking for your grace and support as we navigate these waters. Maybe we just found a buoy and are holding on for dear life. Either way, we made it! Thank you for buying the first edition of what we hope to be many more to come.


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