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‘Spooklight Road” revisited


The Prairie Lutheran Parish church service for Oct. 25 is scheduled for Immanual Lutheran at 9:30 a.m. as an outdoor service. Everyone is welcome.

Logan Hattervig of Sioux Falls spent last weekend with his parents David and Connie Hattervig.

Mark and Lisa Hinkley of De Smet spent last Saturday helping her mother Harriet Hattervig. Robin Hattervig of Omaha, Neb., visited his mother, Harriet Hattervig, last Sunday.

With this being Halloween week, it is a good time to share this item from “Carthage, Gem of the Redstone.” by Sally Madison.

Did you know?

There is a legend that goes back four generations of a mystery on a Miner County road between Fedora and Carthage. The eerie “spook light” would come from the south as if it was coming over the hill and then would disappear. It would appear to those living on the road about every other night. The Hass family took little or no notice of it and said, “It never hurt anyone.”

There have been theories about the origin of the light. Some said it might be gasses coming from the swamp or soil. Some said it a ghost lantern from settlers who were caught in a blizzard and perished. It did not seem to matter what time of year the light would appear, and the color was bright white.

There has been no mention of sightings in recent years. Is it because no one lives there to see it? Has the gas that may or may not have caused it been depleted? It is a moot question, one that nobody seems to care about, for as they said, “It never hurt anybody.”


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