Strande wins Republican primary for Sheriff


Incumbent Steve Strande won the Republican nomination for Kingsbury County Sheriff by defeating Wade Hoefert 816-469 in Tuesday's primary, and will face Independent candidate Michael Jenkins in November's general election.

Badger was the first of the seven precincts to report results with 90 votes for Strande and 35 for Hoefert.

Absentee was next with 89 for Strande and 44 for Hoefert.

Arlington came in at 141 for Strande and 73 for Hoefert.

Oldham returned 58 Strande and 34 Hoefert.

Iroquois brought in 50 for Hoefert and 28 for Strande.

Strande's hometown of Lake Preston came in with 170 for him and 60 for Hoefert.

De Smet was the last precinct reporting, recording 240 votes for Strande and 173 for Hoefert, resulting in a clear election win for Strande, 64% to 36%.

There were 1,696 ballots cast in Kingsbury County out of 3,573 registered voters.

Now the race is on for Steve Strande and Mike Jenkins.


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