Iroquois high school

Students experience life in rural South Dakota


Iroquois High School has two new scholars this year, Diego Prieto and Alex Gereroso. Neither student was able to select where they went to study, but both are happy that they ended up in Iroquois.

Diego Prieto is junior from Madrid, Spain. Attending school in Iroquois, he is able to get to know more students than if he had gone to a bigger school. He is living with Mike Ruth, the superintendent of Iroquois Schools.

Coming to Iroquois from Madrid, Diego notices the difference between Madrid and Iroquois. The school in Madrid is much larger, and the facilities are not as nice as Iroquois. He also feels that the teachers are better in Iroquois than Spain.

Back home in Madrid are his parents and sister, Olivia. Sports and music are a universal language. He participated in sports and prefers Salsa music. Prieto would like to find a vocation that he thoroughly enjoys and start a family one day.

Alex Generoso is a senior from Brazil. He is also living with Mr. Ruth. Generoso was concerned that he might not like where he was assigned, but he has found Iroquois to be much better than he anticipated.

Alex has two sisters, Laura and Marina, and a brother, Arthur.

Generoso attended a private school that was much bigger than Iroquois High. He likes the American system where one can select what classes to take. Teachers are teachers wherever you go. He finds them attentive in both countries.

Becoming an Information Technology professional is his goal. He would like to enhance the learning of students.


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