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Sunset looked phenomenal


Mark Knight was the speaker Sept. 13 at the Presbyterian Church. He has been a science teacher at James Valley Christian School for 30 years.

Bancroft received some rain over the past few days, equaling about .5 of an inch. It was enough to make the gravel roads very messy, almost like dirt roads in places.

Rose Grothe visited her daughter Dorothy in Sioux Falls on Sept. 9.

did you see it?

I hope some of you watched the phenomenon of really looking at the sun tonight (Sept. 13) as it was nearing the western horizon.

For once you could really look at the sun without hurting your eyes. Sometimes it seemed that the ‘face’ was clear and then there seemed to be some very light grey lines across it. It was surrounded by grey. I’m not sure what that was, but perhaps it was smoke from some fires off a long way away. I had heard there were some fires in Oregon, but could that smoke from them make it look like that here? I don’t have a good explanation of it, but it was very interesting watching it.

I don’t remember being able to really “look” at the sun like that before. If someone has a good explanation of that, please tell me about it.


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